Fenny Pharmacy

About Our Pharmacy

Fenny Pharmacy is not only a regular retail pharmacy engaged in the usual business of dispensing medications, but as an ACHC accredited Specialty Pharmacy it is involved in multi facet operations encompassing specialty pharmaceuticals services, pharmaceutical and specialty pharmaceutical marketing research and surveys, preparation of scientific literature examining the pharmacological ingredients of herbals products, and botanical sources to trace the medicinal values of Ayurvedic products, periodical publications of pharmacy health news and literature, providing preventive health practices and diseases managements services ranging from diabetes management, smoke cessation to obesity control and management, MTM (Medication Therapy Management) Sessions and Consultations, variety of services in the field of Specialty Pharmaceuticals and a host of other activities all geared to promote the health of our customers and patient population.

These features set us apart from a regular retail chain or other independent community drug store.

Fenny is committed to the ideas of innovation and creative to improve the well being of our customers. We are always innovative in regularly updating our services to follow current trend. Our innovative approach is supported by company’s policies of constantly engaging in pharmaceutical marketing research and strategic planning that shape our policies in promoting our patient’s health and our own business growth.

Fenny Pharmacy is a compliant pharmacy that strictly adheres to our zero tolerance policy of securing compliance with all regulatory requirements including HIPPA protecting privacy of our customers by proactively formulating and implementing corrective action plan (CAPA) for ensuring regulatory compliance.

Fenny Pharmacy is trying to be creative in constantly making efforts to save our customer’s pocket book. We offer the GNP Prescription Savings Plan, which gives everything the big chains have to offer and much, much more in helping you save on your prescriptions. We offer our customers unique services that can’t be duplicated by the big chain stores like Custom Prescription Compounding. With your doctor’s approval, we can create your medication regimen to meet your specific needs and make it easier for you to take your medicine.

We also take pride in our community involvement with our Wellness Club that covers “Living with Diabetes” and “Healthy Heart” free monthly educational classes and learning presentations. Ask our Pharmacy staff for more details. Ask about our Automatic Refill Program: No waiting, no unnecessary trips to the pharmacy, and best of all – No hassle. Fenny will automatically process your prescriptions and have them ready for you to pick at your convenience – you can even have them mailed or delivered to your home at no additional charge.

We routinely send our customers our newsletters with useful preventive health tips and practices, pharmaceutical news, insurance reimbursement information, information about our scientific literature of Aurvedic products, HHC products and services.