Providers & Prescribers

Our goal is to help your patient achieve therapeutic success. We partner with you in supporting your patient through therapy‐specific education and management. At Fenny Specialty Pharmacy, our clinical staff helps to monitor the treatment ordered by the physician, helps control side effects and answers any questions your patient might have regarding their therapy.

We strive to make it easier to start and keep patients compliant with their therapy, which leads to your patients leading longer and more productive lives.

We provide detailed, easy to use Referral forms for easy prescription filling. Simply fill out online and fax it back to us at: FAX: 866‐440‐5236.

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Injection Training – Get familiar with self-injections with training from Fenny Specialty Pharmacy. We will help you make injections a part of your every day, regular routine and overcome any anxiety when it comes to needles. Please feel free to contact a member of our clinical staff for more information of this service.

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